Your Child’s Behavior and What It Might Be Telling You

Most children have a hard time communicating their needs to us.  They probably don’t even realize what they are lacking but all we know is this can turn into behavioral issues.  Here is a basic list to look at to see what could be going on if you are having this problem.  It’s really important that we realize that a child doesn’t just act out there is always deeper meaning.

  • If your child is having issues listening, this could mean that their wants are not being acknowledged.
  • If your child is being disrespectful to you, they are lacking the connection to you.
  • Kids who fight with their siblings often are again fighting for your attention and feeling disconnected from you.
  • Kids who are controlling and very assertive are worried about their needs not being met.
  • Kids who rebel tend to feel powerless and and need to feel that they are controlling some aspect of their environment 
  • Kids who whine a lot more then average are showing you that they are having a hard time coping with the situation or environment and need to feel that they are being acknowledged and that everything is ok.

So those are just some basic behaviors which can really give you clear insight of what’s going on.  Being a parent isn’t about you it’s about the children.  We all have needs that have to be met or we aren’t happy campers.  But we as parents are the ones who have to pay attention and meet the needs of our children.  Yes some kids are way more needy than others but having yourself one step ahead of them is the key aspect.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful positive parenting night!

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