Child “First Aid” Kit

Today our family took time after school to craft out a first aid kit. Now this is not the normal first aid kit you’re thinking of. This is a board for the children with a few reference sections on it to help them get through times when they are angry with one another or they feel like their emotions are starting to escalate to a negative place. 

Each child’s name went on to the board and below their name is a list of 4 calming techniques they can use during a time of negative feelings. For instance one of my children listed singing, listening to music, drawing and writing. Another child listed reading, drawing, watching tv, and playing with toys. So the goal is for them to start making connections to how they are feeling in the present moment and then be able to reach into their “first aid” kit to be able to aid themselves back to a calm state of mind.

Also on the board there is a spot where everyone’s name is listed. This is a check in spot. When they come home from school we will check in with them and ask them on a scale of 1-10 how was their day and how is their current emotion. Today one child said they were an 8 and another said they were a 10. So this prompted me to ask why an 8 out of 10. So this child said well something happened at school today that made them really irritated and upset them a little bit. So we talked about the incident and by the end of the conversation we turned the negative feelings into positive and the child then said they felt like a 10 now!

So the whole point of the first aid kit is to get them to identify with emotions and know when to use calming techniques. The more they can see they have the power in the moment to handle their feelings and are strong enough to walk away from negative situations the more they will come out on top. We are also teaching them with the first aid kit to take care of themselves first. Once you have mastered your emotions you can handle any situation!

Thanks for reading and may you have a wonderful positive night!

4 thoughts on “Child “First Aid” Kit

  1. This is something I have never heard of before, but I think I will be using a lot! I plan to work with foster kids, who will be full of emotions. I think helping them identify their emotions and ways they can manage them will be a huge help.

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    1. Yes I am always looking for creative ways for the children to express and understand their emotions. They loved this idea!


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