Hello Fresh Review Day 2


Yesterday’s recipe was so yummy I actually couldn’t wait to try tonight’s recipe! Tonight we tried the vegetarian recipe Paella Con Huevos with Bell Pepper, Peas and Smoked Paprika. Don’t be fooled by how little ingredients it seems! Once the meal is prepared it actually turned out to be a little more than the two of us could eat.

This meal’s prep time says 10 min and that was about right. Tonight all I needed on hand again was olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. The total cook time from start to finish was right about 35 minutes so not too bad. This meal’s calories weigh in at 600. Not too shabby!

The aroma for this meal was amazing! This recipe included smoked paprika, garlic and turmeric. My house smelt delicious. The flavor of this meal was really tasty. Once you make the plate you squeeze fresh lemon over it. I wasn’t to sure how the lemon would match up with egg but I was proven wrong. The lemon added the perfect twist to the dish! Here are some pictures from tonight’s meal.

Looks pretty good right?! I would say so far that for someone who doesn’t have much confidence in cooking this could give you a little boost. As long as you follow the REALLY simple instructions you can’t mess these dinners up. The ingredients have been pretty good. It is fresh food but if your looking for top of the line organic food you may not be totally in love with these meal kits. For those of us just looking to cut out meal planning, shopping and all the hassle of trying to hunt down ingredients for certain recipes Hello Fresh is a pretty decent alternative.

Check back tomorrow for our day 3 and final meal from the vegetarian kits.

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