How to Overcome a Challenge in 5 Minutes

Life loves to throw us challenges daily. Wether it be car issues, work issues, family drama, these unforeseen challenges can really ruin your day. But are theses challenges worth getting the best of you? Did you know that if you really focus and set your mind to it, you can calmly overcome 99% of your challenges in as little as 5 minutes?

Here’s how to overcome a daily challenge in 5 minutes or less!

1. Damage Assessment

Your first job is to determine how significant the unforeseen challenge really is by analyzing its place in your current situation as well as its degree of impact. I call this step a damage assessment. Your goal here is to understand the depth of the new circumstances which will direct your next step of action, help along your decision making and hopefully help you calm down when first confronted with it.

2. Emotional Response Check

No matter what the results of your damage assessment are, you’ll need to control your emotional response. If you want to come up with an effective, logical solution to the new challenge, you’ll need to remain in a steady, calm, neutral state. Negative self-talk can be a major issue. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole by thoughts like, “This is bad,” or, “I can’t believe this happened,” but those are going to fuel panicked thinking and biased views on the situation. Instead, take deep breaths, focus only on the objective qualities of the challenge, and try to detach yourself from the problem. When you can detach for a moment it will help gain clarity of everything.

3. Ask Yourself if it Effects the Long-term

Remember all your long-term goals, and move away from the short-term thinking. This will help you prioritize your needs to address the given challenge and help you objectively distance yourself from the situation at hand. Don’t put all your focus into something that is a short-term problem. Is this challenge going to effect your long-term Goals? Is this something worth wasting time and energy that won’t even payoff? These are some questions you should be asking yourself.

4. Solution Time

Come up with two or three different courses of action, then select the one that offers the most advantages. When we have control of our emotional response to challenges we are able to think more clearly, thus in turn we can process solutions instead of making an impulsive decision. You will benefit every time you stay cool, calm and collected.

So there you have it! Unless the challenge is a life or death situation, the next time you are faced with an unforeseen challenge remember to take 5 before you react. Let yourself process through the situation at hand and stay away from impulsive decision making.

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