Hello Fresh Day 3 Review

Today was the last of my Hello Fresh meals. I saved this one for last because I’ve just been a little unsure how a hunk of cheese for dinner was going to be. Today’s meal is called Za’Atar-Crusted Grilling Cheese with Sumac Roasted Veggies and Couscous.

I must say it was pretty darn good! These ingredients pulled together so well. The flavor was very fresh and tasty. I would definitely eat this again. The cheese has a really good flavor and with the added za’atar spice I felt like I was in the Mediterranean. The calories were only 490! The only ingredient I needed to have on hand today was olive oil. This was a very fun dish to prepare and start to finish only took about 30 minutes. The fresh basil and lemon zest really set this dish off. The flavors in this dish were bold but non-offending.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s dinner.

Wrapping up my 3 day Hello Fresh Review I can say I’m pretty impressed. I would like to move on and try some of their meat dishes. Here are my pros and cons of Hello Fresh:


  • They lived up to their hello fresh name with fresh ingredients
  • Meals are easy to prepare and can boost cooking confidence
  • The meals are creative and not just boring everyday food
  • The app and website are both easy to use
  • The portions even though look small once cooked are plenty of food
  • I was able to recycle most of the packing and ice packs
  • I didn’t have to worry about what’s for dinner it was already in the fridge ready to go
  • I didn’t have to spend a lot of time hunting down my items to cook
  • The food had good flavor
  • Cons
    • The price, You will really have to weigh out what it’s worth to you.
      You can only get 3 to 4 meals a week depending on the plan you pick. If I were to continue I would want at least 5 nights a week. I would be willing to pay to stay out of a grocery store as much as possible.
      If your looking for high quality organic food this wouldn’t be for you. Their food is fresh and had good quality but some people really like to know that everything is sourced from a good quality organic farm.

    That’s really about it in my opinion. I didn’t have any problems with shipping or my order so I did not have to deal with their customer support. Overall I would recommend this company for people who are on the go and don’t want to come home and spend a few more hours in the kitchen planning and cooking. This service will not work for a big family. I have a family of 9 and they do not have a plan that feeds an army! My husband and I did enjoy the recipes and I will be looking into trying their other menus!

    Hello Fresh Review Day 2


    Yesterday’s recipe was so yummy I actually couldn’t wait to try tonight’s recipe! Tonight we tried the vegetarian recipe Paella Con Huevos with Bell Pepper, Peas and Smoked Paprika. Don’t be fooled by how little ingredients it seems! Once the meal is prepared it actually turned out to be a little more than the two of us could eat.

    This meal’s prep time says 10 min and that was about right. Tonight all I needed on hand again was olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. The total cook time from start to finish was right about 35 minutes so not too bad. This meal’s calories weigh in at 600. Not too shabby!

    The aroma for this meal was amazing! This recipe included smoked paprika, garlic and turmeric. My house smelt delicious. The flavor of this meal was really tasty. Once you make the plate you squeeze fresh lemon over it. I wasn’t to sure how the lemon would match up with egg but I was proven wrong. The lemon added the perfect twist to the dish! Here are some pictures from tonight’s meal.

    Looks pretty good right?! I would say so far that for someone who doesn’t have much confidence in cooking this could give you a little boost. As long as you follow the REALLY simple instructions you can’t mess these dinners up. The ingredients have been pretty good. It is fresh food but if your looking for top of the line organic food you may not be totally in love with these meal kits. For those of us just looking to cut out meal planning, shopping and all the hassle of trying to hunt down ingredients for certain recipes Hello Fresh is a pretty decent alternative.

    Check back tomorrow for our day 3 and final meal from the vegetarian kits.

    Day 1 of Hello Fresh Review

    As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist I am always looking for new innovative ways for my clients to be able to eat a healthy diet on the run. We live such busy lives these days that cooking seems like an impossible task to get done regularly. So we sacrifice healthy eating for fast unhealthy choices just so we don’t get HANGRY!

    I’ve been hearing about Hello Fresh for some time now but wanted to do some good research about the company before I spent the money to try their service. While doing some research I came across a deal for a 3 dinner meal kit for $30 oppose to their $60 plus regular fee. So I said why not give it a shot! They get an A+ on the BBB and many of the negative reviews had more to do with shipping and customer service calls rather than the actual food. But the company had always responded to their negative reviews and tried to make it right.

    I signed up and decided to pick their 3 dinner vegetarian kit to see what kind of variety they have. I like to do a few nights a week meatless so this to me was a great first pick. You have choices of fish, meats and veggie based kits. When I signed up with the discounted price code it would not allow me to change out my recipes but on your regular membership you can switch recipes if you don’t like what they show you will be coming in your next box.

    Shipping was great! Right on time like they said and it was packed really good with gel ice packs which are all recyclable. Each dinner was separated out into its own brown paper bag. The recipes are printed on nice large paper and very clear and easy to follow. The ingredients looked very fresh and amazing. I was able to transfers the paper bags with the meals right into my refrigerator so all I had to do is pull one out and cook!

    So tonight my husband and I decided to try their “Hall of Fame” recipe Butternut Squash Agnolotti. The card states 5 min prep time, with a total cook time of 20 min. Calories per serving are at 620. The ingredients it required me to have were olive oil and butter so that was great I always have those on hand. Here are my pictures from tonight’s prepared Hello Fresh Dinner.

    So now drumroll for the taste test please……

    It was DELICIOUS! Both my husband and I were highly impressed! My 18 month old daughter as well thought it was good! She wouldn’t stay out of my plate! I can say I am actually excited to try my next two meals. From the prep to cooking and clean up it really didn’t take more than 30-40 minutes of my night. The meal wasn’t heavy and it’s most definitely a better choice than fast food!

    Check back for day 2 and 3 reviews! I hope the meals are as TASTY as this Hall of Fame was.