Hello Fresh Review Day 2


Yesterday’s recipe was so yummy I actually couldn’t wait to try tonight’s recipe! Tonight we tried the vegetarian recipe Paella Con Huevos with Bell Pepper, Peas and Smoked Paprika. Don’t be fooled by how little ingredients it seems! Once the meal is prepared it actually turned out to be a little more than the two of us could eat.

This meal’s prep time says 10 min and that was about right. Tonight all I needed on hand again was olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. The total cook time from start to finish was right about 35 minutes so not too bad. This meal’s calories weigh in at 600. Not too shabby!

The aroma for this meal was amazing! This recipe included smoked paprika, garlic and turmeric. My house smelt delicious. The flavor of this meal was really tasty. Once you make the plate you squeeze fresh lemon over it. I wasn’t to sure how the lemon would match up with egg but I was proven wrong. The lemon added the perfect twist to the dish! Here are some pictures from tonight’s meal.

Looks pretty good right?! I would say so far that for someone who doesn’t have much confidence in cooking this could give you a little boost. As long as you follow the REALLY simple instructions you can’t mess these dinners up. The ingredients have been pretty good. It is fresh food but if your looking for top of the line organic food you may not be totally in love with these meal kits. For those of us just looking to cut out meal planning, shopping and all the hassle of trying to hunt down ingredients for certain recipes Hello Fresh is a pretty decent alternative.

Check back tomorrow for our day 3 and final meal from the vegetarian kits.

Day 1 of Hello Fresh Review

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist I am always looking for new innovative ways for my clients to be able to eat a healthy diet on the run. We live such busy lives these days that cooking seems like an impossible task to get done regularly. So we sacrifice healthy eating for fast unhealthy choices just so we don’t get HANGRY!

I’ve been hearing about Hello Fresh for some time now but wanted to do some good research about the company before I spent the money to try their service. While doing some research I came across a deal for a 3 dinner meal kit for $30 oppose to their $60 plus regular fee. So I said why not give it a shot! They get an A+ on the BBB and many of the negative reviews had more to do with shipping and customer service calls rather than the actual food. But the company had always responded to their negative reviews and tried to make it right.

I signed up and decided to pick their 3 dinner vegetarian kit to see what kind of variety they have. I like to do a few nights a week meatless so this to me was a great first pick. You have choices of fish, meats and veggie based kits. When I signed up with the discounted price code it would not allow me to change out my recipes but on your regular membership you can switch recipes if you don’t like what they show you will be coming in your next box.

Shipping was great! Right on time like they said and it was packed really good with gel ice packs which are all recyclable. Each dinner was separated out into its own brown paper bag. The recipes are printed on nice large paper and very clear and easy to follow. The ingredients looked very fresh and amazing. I was able to transfers the paper bags with the meals right into my refrigerator so all I had to do is pull one out and cook!

So tonight my husband and I decided to try their “Hall of Fame” recipe Butternut Squash Agnolotti. The card states 5 min prep time, with a total cook time of 20 min. Calories per serving are at 620. The ingredients it required me to have were olive oil and butter so that was great I always have those on hand. Here are my pictures from tonight’s prepared Hello Fresh Dinner.

So now drumroll for the taste test please……

It was DELICIOUS! Both my husband and I were highly impressed! My 18 month old daughter as well thought it was good! She wouldn’t stay out of my plate! I can say I am actually excited to try my next two meals. From the prep to cooking and clean up it really didn’t take more than 30-40 minutes of my night. The meal wasn’t heavy and it’s most definitely a better choice than fast food!

Check back for day 2 and 3 reviews! I hope the meals are as TASTY as this Hall of Fame was.

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Living with anxiety is not easy by any means. There are millions of people out there who struggle with anxiety daily, looking for ways to get relief. Being able to have control over anxiety is a life long process, but there are ways to combat your anxiety that can be integrated into your daily life. If you regularly suffer from anxiety and you need some relief, try some of the following strategies.

  1. Control Your Breathing:

This is a big player in controlling your anxiety. Severe anxiety symptoms are linked to poor breathing habits. Some people with anxiety suffer from poor breathing habits that contribute to anxiety and can be one of the most upsetting symptoms. Taking control of your breathing will help you without a doubt. Here is what you need to do:

  • Breathe slowly and gently through your nose for about 5 to 7 seconds. Hold your breath for about 3 to 5 seconds. Breathe out gently through your mouth with your lips puckered like you are going to whistle for about 6 to 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise as many times as needed to gain complete control and prevent from hyperventilating.

2. Be Self-Aware of Your Thoughts:

Our thoughts can create a quick pathway to having a full on anxiety attack.  Learning to be aware of your thoughts will help you to combat them.  When a thought wonders into your mind that makes you feel uneasy, you should stop from thinking further about that thought and ask yourself is this something I should let take over me? This one thought has the potential to snowball into several other negative thoughts and cause you some horrible symptoms that can take minutes to hours to bounce back from. Twist that thought into a more positive thought. Sometimes just breaking the habit of letting your mind wonder from thought to thought going deeper into an anxiety rabbit hole will keep you grounded. Be aware of your thoughts and get used to changing your thinking pattern to be more positive.

3. Find What Relaxes You: 

There are already things in your life that relax you. Don’t avoid them and try to fight out the anxiety. Instead, do the activities as fast as possible. For example, if you find that a warm bath is relaxing, don’t wait to take the bath. Jump in the bath, light some candles, add a few nice scents, and get to relaxing. Whether it’s a bath, a shower, drawing, getting a massage do it if it works and do it right away, rather than letting yourself become overwhelmed by your anxiety. You will be amazed at how quickly you will become side tracked from your anxiety.

4. Exercise: 

During periods of anxiety, your body is filled with adrenaline. Putting that adrenaline towards some form of exercise can be a good way to improve your anxiety. That’s because exercise has many advantages for controlling your anxiety symptoms. Some of those include:

  • Exercise burns away stress hormones that create anxiety symptoms.
  • Exercise tires your muscles by reducing excess energy and tension.
  • Exercise releases endorphins which improves your overall mood.
  • Exercise forces healthier breathing.
  • Exercise is a healthy distraction and has been proven over and over to help anxiety symptoms.
Aerobic activity, like light jogging or even fast walking, can be extremely effective at reducing the severity of your anxiety symptoms, as well as your anxiety itself.
5. Live in the now and less in the future:
Simply learning to live for today can impact your anxiety. One of the most important things that psychologists and counselors teach those with anxiety is: “Okay, you’re anxious. So what?” Those with anxiety often start to focus too much on how they feel and their worries about the future. Each day becomes trying to live with anxiety instead of trying to live in general. Learning to embrace the idea that you have anxiety and trying to live a great and exciting life anyway is important. What’s interesting is that if you can learn to finally have the mindset to let yourself experience the fear and try to live the life anyway, you will find that your anxiety tends to dissipate with it. It’s not a cure, but it’s close. You will always hear “Why worry about what you can’t control?” It’s true! You can only worry about the here and now so let go of all the “what could happens” and enjoy what is happening!
6. Get it Out!: 
Anxiety is interesting, because it tends to get worse when you try to fight it. It’s not clear why that occurs, but most likely the stress that your body goes through in order to control the stress of anxiety only makes it worse, as does the effort it takes to try to not feel your natural feelings. So rather than trying to stop your anxiety, an interesting coping strategy is to embracing it. When you’re feeling anxious, find a place that you can be alone and go nuts. Yell at yourself in mirrors. Scream. Punch pillows. Have at it, let all of your emotions out. Throw things. Fling your arms and jump around. Let yourself feel like you’re lettinof your emotions, and then some, to the point where you feel a bit silly, and then keep going with it. This lets you embrace the anxiety and not fight it, while also giving you an opportunity to hold it back. It’s best to make sure no one is around, and don’t break anything important to you, but as long as what you’re doing is safe it can help you feel quite relaxed.
7. Get An Anxiety Buddy:
Effective anxiety reduction is often about distraction, since your mind can be your worst enemy when you have severe anxiety symptoms. A very effective technique is to talk to someone you like and trust, especially on the phone. Don’t be ashamed about your anxiety, tell them you feel anxious and explain what you’re feeling.
Talking to people you trust keeps your mind off of your symptoms, and having the support of friends and family gives you that added boost of confidence. If you’re suffering from a panic attack, it also helps you feel more confident that if something was wrong, you’d have someone that can watch over you. One of the biggest helpers for anxiety is knowing we are not alone and someone will help keep us safe.
8. Listen To Music That Soothes Your Soul:
Ahhh at last! Music! This is my outlet for anything! We all have music that we love, that puts us in a good relaxed mood. Use this as much as you can. When you listen to music that you really enjoy it releases endorphins. Having those feel good endorphins run through your body truly soothes the soul. We humans have been chanting and dancing to beats for thousands of years because there really is healing properties to our body from music. So turn it on and crank it up!