Gratitude…The Missing Link to Achieving Your Goals

I love to talk about goals. I believe in achieving your goals.
I live on goal setting and empowering my clients to achieve their goals. But what if there was another way? What if there was a way to get what you wanted and you would feel great about it?
I have learned Gratitude is a powerful link to achieve your goals. Often people forget to be grateful for even waking up to live another day.

Last year, I left my dead end Postal Route job and I tried different ways to make money. I got myself involved in all sorts of adventures. I took risks and won some and lost some. It was hard sometimes to get back up and try again. It was hard to admit I had failed or I had been duped.

Am I grateful?

Should I be grateful?
I complained for a long time. I refused to admit I was wrong. I didn’t want to face myself. I struggled with my pain and disappointment. But I learned a valuable thing…life teaches you lessons along the way. These lessons have a way of preparing you for your future.


Gratitude has helped me in more ways than I can imagine.

I’ve realized when I complain, it blocks my creativity. I can’t think. I can’t produce. I need to keep coming up with great ideas and not being grateful clouds my mind.

I want to share with you what I have learned about gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful key to unlocking your hidden potential.

I love talking about hidden potential with my clients. So many of them don’t realize what’s locked deep down inside themselves. When you are grateful, you see opportunities around you. When you stay in a state of complaint, you are consumed with yourself. This makes you lose sight of the potential within you. Complaining is actually the EGO.

Complaining aka The Ego makes you see only negativity. I realized when I had a negative mindset, I lost sight of the opportunities around me. I was focused on what I didn’t have and I didn’t look within to explore what I did have.

Gratitude increases your productivity.

Not being grateful drains you of your energy. This affects your productivity. You can’t produce your best because you have no energy.

Gratitude releases hormones within you that get you excited about life. Excitement increases your energy levels and you find yourself more productive.

Gratitude helps you achieve your goals.

Do an exercise this week for yourself. Write at least one thing you are grateful for every single day. Do this in the morning or before bed each night. You will realize at the end of the week that you have gotten to know yourself more. Through this process, you have also realized strengths you have and you need to focus on. In these strengths, lies your dreams and goals. You will have more clarity about your purpose. If you stick to this plan you will soon be unlocking your full potential.

The art of gratitude is an art you need to learn and practice daily. You cannot achieve your goals without it. You cannot fully be happy in your life without it. You will be amazed at how much your life can change just from expressing Gratitude.

If this post has inspired you, please share it with your friends and family. How has gratitude affected your life in the past? Feel free to leave a comment below.

5 Life Goals to Build Your Best You

Are you clear with what you want out of your life? Have you ever thought about what life goals you have for yourself? What are the most important things you want for yourself in this life? Setting life goals is a very important step to becoming the true you. Only you know what you want for yourself and only you can accomplish it. Setting goals is a way for us to be able to track our success and know that we are accomplishing what we’ve set out for ourselves. Even accomplishing a small goal really builds self-confidence and keeps us moving up the ladder of success.

Here are 5 Life Goals to help Build a Better You:

Find what you love doing. Yes I know everyone says this, and it’s so hard to just up and quit your job, you’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed. You don’t need to just stop your current job, but you should spend some of your free time working on finding what you love and doing it as a side job until you reach your potential to quit that boring dead end job. Most people go home and are tired and put off what they really want to be doing for another day. Believe me from experience, even just sitting down and writing it out on paper or talking about it with your partner or friend is setting this shift into motion. Any energy you can put into what you love will eventually come to fruition.

  • Take Care of Yourself: I just posted a blog on self-care in the recent days. This is so important on all levels. “You have to take care of number one” is what my Grandpa always said and it’s true. If you aren’t taking care of yourself then how are you going to be your best you? You can’t have a truly fulfilling life without taking care of yourself. That’s everything from the trifecta mind, body and spirit. If you are not balanced as a whole person you will always feel a sense of lack.
  • Keep the Ego in Check: When we live from the Ego(which most people do and aren’t aware) we lose touch with what life really is. The ego is really good at sabotaging our life. It makes irrational decisions for us and generally acts out of fear, fight or flight. The ego is not your true self, it’s just an outdated survival mode we can’t seem to shake. Getting a hold on your ego will save you a lot of heartache and unwanted emotions. The ego can and will sabotage any life goals you set. The ego loves to cause resistance.
  • Leave Your Comfort Zone: This is a hard one for most people. We love feeling safe in our little bubbles we create for ourselves. Security of the comfort zone is great but what’s not great is no growth happens there. When we are pushed out of our comfort we have to figure out how to deal with that. It’s actually a wonderful life skill to have because you will always be pushing yourself to great lengths and evolving into your true self. Some of life’s greatest achievements come from being nudged out of that comfort zone.
  • Be Kind and Giving: Being kind should be a no brain-er. Unfortunately these days I feel kind people are few and far. It’s a crazy rat race out there and most people think cutting the line will get them there faster. Kind, giving people always finish on top and don’t have to sacrifice anything to get there. Give when you can and that’s not money. Give your time, your energy, your love and give it with no expectations. Being a kind, giving person will come back to you ten fold. It’s the law of energy. What energy you project at life will be projected right back at you.